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SQE2 Mock Practice

 Limited time free internal testing features

Step 1: Select the subject and topic by clicking on it.

Free set

Experience each key topic with a free practice opportunity through the Free Set module.

Attendance Note & Legal Analysis

Develop your abilities in conducting client interviews, creating attendance notes, and analysing legal issues.


Enhance your skills in presenting and arguing cases effectively.

Case & Matter Analysis

Learn to assess and manage legal cases and matters thoroughly.

Legal Research

Strengthen your research skills to support legal arguments and strategies.

Legal Writing

Improve your legal writing skills to produce clear and convincing documents. 

Legal Drafting

Master the art of drafting formal legal documents.

Unlock the Full SQE2 Preparation Course Package

Step 2: Select the exam questions and take the exam.

After clicking on the subject above, proceed to the next page, and in the next page, click on the 'Mock X' buttons to start answering and submit your answers. Be sure to SAVE your answers.

Step 3: View the marking results.

After submitting your answers, you can view the marking results in your personal center and start studying the provided reference answers.

Below is an example of what the results page looks like. If you have any questions or concerns about the reference answers and are currently enrolled in either a short-term SQE 1 course🔗, a long-term SQE 1course🔗, or the SQE 2 course🔗 please direct your inquiries to our internal inquiry email. Remember to include your student ID number in your email so we can assist you more efficiently. Rest assured, we will respond to your questions as promptly as possible.
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