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CELE SQE2 Mock Practice
Legal Drafting

This is a computer-based assessment and candidates will have 45 minutes to complete the task. 

Please click on the Mock Exam buttons below to start.

Note to Candidates:

You can find the attachments at the end of this email. Click on the underlined links to view them. Please note that these attachments do not include all materials relevant to SQE2, and the format of future questions may vary.

⚠️Please click on the buttons above labeled Mock1, Mock2, etc., to access the mock exam questions and begin the mock.

Note to Candidates:
You must write your answer on this template.

Time Remaining: 45 minutes

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The template format for responses can be found in the Attachment within the question. You can directly copy and use it. The sample will be provided during the examination, so you should focus on writing the main content.

Submitting Answer


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