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CELE SQE2 Mock Practice
Interview and attendance note/legal analysis

Candidates will be allocated 10 minutes to review the email and/or documents, followed by 25 minutes to manually compose an attendance note or legal analysis based on the interview they have just conducted.

Please click on the Mock Exam buttons below to start.

Note to Candidates:

The attachments are included at the end of the email. You should not assume that all the materials provided are relevant to the advice the client has requested.

⚠️Please click on the buttons above labeled Mock1, Mock2, etc., to access the mock exam questions and begin the mock.

Note to Candidates:
You must write your answer on this template.

Time Remaining: 35 minutes

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Candidate attending Lucky Cele regarding the related topic. Name: Lucky Cele Address: 46 Cunningham Crescent, London, SE23 0AD Tel: 07715 766654 Email:

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