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SQE-1 Short-term Course

For who?

Students with basic English reading skills. Common law legal background knowledge is required.

Course Content & Services

Paper-based materials provided: 14 books (13 textbooks + 1 pre-exam mocks).

Progress monitoring: weekly progress guides are provided every Monday.

One-to-one Q&A service: a full Q&A service is provided in the form of one live Q&A session per week.

Correction guidance and communication: an after-school homework correction service is provided, with chances to meet and interact with fellow classmates.

Global Simultaneous Practice Exams: CELE SQE offers practice exam system that is a 1:1 reproduction of the official SRA practice exam interface.

High quality practice questions: over 2000 SQE-1 questions are provided along with detailed explanations.

Tutor team:The tutor team will include a Professor of Law with over 10 years teaching experience and English qualified lawyers.


SQE-1 Short-term Course

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