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Unlock Your Potential: Gain Premier Access to SQE2 Mock Exam Marking System for Free and Excel in Your Studies

As the vestiges of winter recede and spring heralds the awakening of nature, the Easter period stands symbolic of rebirth and new beginnings. It is with this ethos of renewal that the CELE SQE Team is delighted to extend to our esteemed aspirants a singular gesture of goodwill: a complimentary trial of our SQE2 Mock Exam Marking System for a limited period. 🎉

Understanding the paramount importance of each mark as the SQE2 examinations in April draw near, we invite candidates preparing for these assessments to avail themselves of this exclusive opportunity to leverage our proprietary marking system. Access is facilitated through a series of simple steps:

  1. Proceed to our official digital presence at

  2. Initiate the registration of your account.

  3. Within the menu, select “Mock”, followed by “SQE2 Mock Practice”, and thereafter choose the pertinent mock examination.

  4. Commence your complimentary marking journey.

Presently, we have availed the inaugural question of the first subject (Mock1) for your trial, with plans to incrementally unveil additional mock questions free of charge in the forthcoming days to aid in your preparatory endeavours.

Kindly be advised that each account will be accorded a single attempt per question. It is thus recommended that candidates ensure they are adequately prepared prior to embarking on these mock examinations to fully capitalise on this invaluable educational resource. Moreover, candidates enrolled in our SQE2 courses will benefit from an additional 16 marking opportunities included within their course package, designed to significantly enhance examination technique and streamline the path to academic achievement.

At CELE, our dedication to providing unwavering academic support to each candidate remains unwavering, with the aim of facilitating tangible advancements in your examination preparedness. Candidates interested in enrolling in our SQE2 courses are cordially invited to navigate to: SQE2 Preparation Course | CELE SQE (

Spring embodies a season of hope and collective endeavour towards triumph in the SQE2 examinations. We urge you not to let this finite complimentary offering pass you by. Dedicate the time to engage with and learn from this platform, ensuring thorough readiness for the forthcoming examination. In unison, let us advance towards achieving success in the SQE2 examinations.

✨Reminder: This offering is constrained by time; prompt participation is encouraged. It is advisable to safeguard the above QR code for immediate access to the complimentary marking system.

In the event of encountering difficulties during the registration process, particularly during the initial verification phase, hesitate not to communicate directly by forwarding your intended registration email to Our customer service team will expediently furnish you with a registration link to facilitate a seamless registration process.

Let this Easter mark the commencement of a novel educational voyage. 🌟 Should queries arise, our customer service team stands ready to assist.

Remain engaged and informed through email

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