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📢 Important Update: January 2024 SQE1 Assessment Results Reissued

Dear Students,

We need to inform you about an important update regarding the January 2024 SQE1 (Solicitors Qualifying Examination Part 1) results. Kaplan has reissued corrected scores due to an error in the initial results processing.

🔹 Impact of the Error:

  • Directly affected: 175 candidates who were originally informed that they failed either FLK1 or FLK2 have now been confirmed to have passed upon reassessment.

  • Indirectly affected: The other 6,451 candidates who sat for the exams will see no change in their pass/fail status, but some may notice adjustments in their scores and quintile rankings.

🔹 Reason for Adjustment: The error was due to a mishandling in rounding off scores as outlined in the official SQE policy, particularly when changing the presentation of results from a percentage to a standardised score out of 500. Please note, this issue only affects the January 2024 session results; no previous assessments are impacted.

🔹 Next Steps:

  • Kaplan is offering a goodwill payment of £250 to those who were incorrectly informed they had failed.

  • If you have incurred specific losses due to this error, Kaplan encourages you to contact their Candidate Services Team at for a case-by-case review.

🔹 What You Need to Do:

  • Please check your email for the revised results issued by Kaplan.

  • If your results have changed or you require further assistance, please contact us directly or reach Kaplan as needed.

We understand the inconvenience this may cause and are committed to assisting you through this process. Thank you for your understanding and support!

🌐 [Contact Us:]

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Stay informed and best of luck in your studies!


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