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Time Adjustment for Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) & Q&A Session Reminder

🕒 Important Heads-Up: The UK Has Fallen Back to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) - Keep an Eye on Q&A Times!

Hello everyone, this is the CELE SQE Team! As the UK has "fallen back" to its standard time zone, Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), we'd like to give you a friendly nudge to adjust your clocks and be mindful of the timing for our online Q&A sessions.

🕰 Switch to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)

The UK made the annual switch to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) on the last Sunday of October, which was October 29th this year. Please make sure to adjust your clocks and stay alert to the time changes affecting our courses, exams, and Q&A sessions.

Q&A Time Alert

Due to the shift back to GMT, our online Q&A session timings have been adjusted. Make sure to tune in according to the new GMT schedule to avoid missing out on valuable insights and interactions.

New Q&A Time Conversion: 1 PM UK Time (GMT) =

  • Dubai: 5 PM (GST)

  • China: 9 PM (CST)

  • Malaysia: 9 PM (MYT)

  • Singapore: 9 PM (SGT)

  • South Korea: 10 PM (KST)

  • Japan: 10 PM (JST)

📚 Other Activities and Courses

All our courses and activities will now run on Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). We urge you to be vigilant and adjust your schedules accordingly.

👉 Act Now

Be sure to adapt to the new time settings and engage in our activities and courses as per the updated schedule. For those gearing up for the January 2024 SQE1 exam, seize the opportunity to enroll in our last short-term course for a final sprint. For registration details, please click [here].

📌 More Information

If you have any questions or need further information, feel free to contact us at any time via

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