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SQE Update – March 2023

Here are some updates from the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) regarding the Solicitor Qualifying Examination (SQE):

1. SQE one-year review report

Here are some of the key findings in the latest report:

  • Candidates with higher degree categories do noticeably better in the assessments; for instance, 71% of candidates with a first-passed SQE1 perform much better than 32% of candidates with a 2.2.

  • Candidates who took the assemeent as apprentices did well, with pass rates 26% higher than the average. In addition to performing better, candidates with qualifying work experience passed the test 10% more often than those without it.

  • Candidates passed SQE2 with a pass rate of 77% as opposed to 53% for SQE1, which is not surprising given that most applicants must pass SQE1 before taking SQE2.

  • Candidates who must retake SQE1 are more likely to fail again than first-time test takers.

  • Candidates who did not need to take SQE1—typically, lawyers admitted to practise in another country who had previously completed the Qualified Lawyers Transfer Scheme multiple-choice test or applicants who had previously finished the Legal Practice Course (LPC)—performed worse on SQE2. Compared to 89% of those who passed SQE1, only 67% of this group passed.

2. Increase in the SQE assessment fees

Starting from September 2023, the SQE assessment fees will increase by around 11% to:

3. Reminder for SQE 2 Assessments (Apr/ Jul 2023)

The arrangement for the next SQE2 assessment in 2023 is as follow:

Please find the most updated version in

It is reminded that candidates shall satisfy either of the following criteria to sit the SQE 2 assessment:

  • passed SQE1

  • passed the QLTS MCT

  • have the Legal Practice Course and be using SQE2 (as well as qualifying work experience) as an equivalent to a period of recognised training.

4. Reminder for SQE 1 Assessment

The arrangement for the next SQE1 assessment in 2023 is as follow:

Please find the most updated version in

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