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January 2023 SQE1 Additional Spaces Q&A

Dear candidates, on 27 September 2022, the SRA has released its latest notice about additional spaces for the January 2023 SQE1 assessment. We, PASS SQE, have prepared the Q&A article to explain the answers to your most concerned questions, and we welcome you review the Q&A regarding the enhanced capacity for the January 2023 SQE1.

Q: In which city are the additional spaces available? When can I book an additional SQE1 seat?

A: According to the news released by the SRA, the seats for the January 2023 SQE1 assessment have been increased significantly and will be provided in London from 10:00 a.m. (UK time) from Tuesday, September 27th. The newly added SQE1 spaces are currently only available in the test centres in the London metropolitan area. The address for the test centre(s) will be confirmed by Kaplan and Pearson VUE closer to the exam date.

Q: How do I book a newly added SQE1 assessment seat?

A: The newly added SQE1 space information will be available on the Pearson VUE booking page accessed through the candidate's account. For ease of booking, the test centre will appear as "London Test Centre 2" on the booking page. Candidates who have already booked an assessment outside of London but wish to sit this SQE1 exam in London can reschedule for free during the booking window, which will close at 5pm (UK time) on 19 December 2022.

Q: Are there any additional SQE1 spaces available in other cities?

A: At present, SRA is monitoring the demand for additional spaces outside of London but has not notified the increase of test seats in other cities. However, more seats are likely to be added as candidates reschedule their bookings to sit in London. Candidates can go to the Pearson VUE booking page recently to see if any of spaces of their preferred test centres have been released. Simultaneously, it is recommended that candidates who have not booked a SQE1 assessment seat can pay attention to the relevant news released by the SRA. You are also welcome to follow us on our social media. If there is any latest news, we will notify you in time.

Q: Can candidates who did not pass their July 2022 SQE1 exam apply for the January 2023 SQE1 exam if seats are still available?

A: For candidates who learn that they did not pass their July SQE1 exam when results are released on Wednesday, October 5th, if they wish to take the January SQE1 exam, spaces will be available to re-sit in January 2023 if they would like to do so. As with other booking windows, the SRA will have a queuing system in place to give fair access to the booking system when a large number of candidates accessing their accounts at the same time. The waiting page will indicate the candidate's estimated waiting time. When candidates arrive at the front of the queue, they will be automatically taken through to log in the booking system.

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