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CELE SQE2 Mock Practice
Case and Matter Analysis

Practice Area: Business organisations, rules and procedures

You will have 60 minutes in total to complete this mock.

Please click on the Mock Exam button below to start.

Note to Candidates:

The two attachments referred to in the Email to Candidate can be accessed by clicking the buttons labelled Attachment 1 and Attachment 2. You should not assume that all the materials provided are relevant to the

advice the client has requested.

⚠️Please click on the buttons above labeled Mock1, Mock2, etc., to access the mock exam questions and begin the mock.

Note to Candidates:
You must write your answer on this template.

Time Remaining: 60 minutes

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To: Senior Partner From: Candidate Name Date: 30 April 2024 Subject: Legal Analysis and Advice for GreenTech Innovations Ltd

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