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CELE SQE1 模拟练习

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Following the recent ascension of King Edward VIII, who has shown a keen interest in political affairs, several dramatic decisions were announced: the dismissal of the Prime Minister, declaration of war on a small island near the British coast, issuance of passports to citizens of a preferred country, alteration of the British flag, and restructuring of the armed forces. Concerned citizens seek advice on the legality of these actions. 

What is the legal position?

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The Royal Prerogative powers are relatively broad but have not been comprehensively codified. These powers include appointing and dismissing the Prime Minister, issuing passports, and commanding the armed forces. However, the power to change the national flag is not traditionally included in the Royal Prerogative. Additionally, the use of these powers is subject to constitutional conventions and potential judicial review, particularly if exercised in a manner contrary to established norms or public interest. 

Key Point: The Royal Prerogative includes a range of executive powers vested in the monarchy, often exercised on the advice of ministers. The scope and limitations of these powers are guided by constitutional conventions, and their exercise can be subject to judicial review to prevent misuse or overreach.



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