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CELE SQE1 模拟练习

Examination Timing: 00H02M28S

Mr. Johnson, a claimant, commences proceedings against his former solicitors, a partnership with three partners, for negligence. Mr. Johnson indicates to the court that he intends to serve the claim form and associated documentation himself personally. The partnership has instructed solicitors through their insurance company to handle the matter. Which of the following best reflects the way in which Mr. Johnson can achieve valid service of documentation?

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To effect valid service, Mr. Johnson needs to serve the claim form and associated documentation on a member of the partnership at their principal or last known place of business. Serving on an employee or someone without control or management of the partnership business would not be valid. Options A and B are incorrect because there is no indication that the partnership‚Äôs solicitors are authorised to accept service. Option D is incorrect as an employee would not have the necessary authority. Option E is incorrect because there is no requirement to serve all partners together. 

Key Point: Proper service of legal documents must be made to individuals with the appropriate authority or position within a business or partnership to ensure compliance with legal requirements.



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