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CELE SQE1 模拟练习

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A man finds a caravan in a field and decides to set fire to it. He gives no thought as to whether there is anyone inside the caravan before he sets fire to it. In fact, there is a woman inside the caravan who cannot escape because of the smoke and who is burnt to death when the caravan is destroyed by the fire. The man intended to unlawfully destroy property but not to harm anyone. Which of the following best describes the man's liability for unlawful act manslaughter?

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For a charge of unlawful act manslaughter, it must be shown that the defendant committed an unlawful act that was dangerous and caused death. In this case, the man's act of setting fire to the caravan was both unlawful and dangerous. The act of arson, which is the intentional and unlawful destruction of property by fire, is inherently dangerous. The fact that his actions caused the death of the woman inside the caravan, even though he did not intend to harm anyone, satisfies the criteria for unlawful act manslaughter. 

Key Point: Unlawful act manslaughter requires an unlawful and dangerous act that causes death. The dangerousness of the act is assessed objectively, and it is not necessary for the defendant to have intended to cause harm, only that the act itself was dangerous and resulted in death.



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