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Email to Candidate

From: Partner

Sent: 10 September 2024

To: Candidate

Subject: Consultation Request from Julia Morris

Julia Morris is a new client who has booked an appointment with you today concerning a property inheritance from her late aunt, Elizabeth Carter. She has forwarded a copy of her aunt's property deed and other relevant documents for your review, which are attached to this email.

Julia has inherited a residential property which is currently under lease. She seeks advice on several matters:

The responsibilities and rights she now has as a landlord, especially concerning ongoing tenancy agreements.

Legal implications related to property repairs and maintenance, as highlighted in a recent property inspection report.

Understanding the tax implications of inheriting property and how this affects her financial standing.

Additionally, Julia has raised concerns about a boundary dispute with the property next door, as mentioned in the attached correspondence from the neighbour.

You will find attached a brief summary of Elizabeth Carter's will and the current tenants' details. This information should be useful in addressing Julia’s queries regarding the property.

After your consultation, please prepare a detailed attendance note/legal analysis that outlines the advice we should provide concerning the above issues and any other points discussed during the meeting. Include key facts, possible next steps for us or the client, and any professional conduct issues that may have arisen.

Thank you.


  1. Property Deed of Elizabeth Carter

  2. Current Tenancy Agreement Details

  3. Property Inspection Report

  4. Correspondence regarding the Boundary Dispute

Note to Candidates:

You are not required to handle, nor will you be asked about, client care matters (including costs) or money laundering issues.


1. Property Deed of Elizabeth Carter

This document is the official property deed for 152 Acacia Avenue, Bristol, BS6 7XX, registered under the name of Elizabeth Carter. The deed confirms that Elizabeth was the sole owner of the property. The property was acquired on 1st May 1984 and is described as a detached two-storey house with an adjoining garden and garage. The property is freehold.

2. Current Tenancy Agreement Details

The tenancy agreement currently in effect was renewed on 1st March 2024 for a period of two years, expiring on 28th February 2026. The tenants are the Smith family, consisting of John and Jane Smith and their two children. The monthly rent is set at £1,200. The agreement includes clauses related to routine maintenance responsibilities of the tenant, restrictions on subletting, and conditions for termination. The agreement stipulates that the landlord is responsible for major repairs and compliance with safety regulations.

3. Property Inspection Report

Dated 20th June 2024, this report outlines the results of a recent inspection conducted shortly after Elizabeth Carter’s death. Key findings include:

  • Roof: Several tiles are missing, and there is evidence of water leakage in the attic.

  • Plumbing: Old piping in the kitchen and bathroom is prone to leaking; recommendation for replacement to prevent serious water damage.

  • Electrical: The electrical system is outdated and does not comply with current safety standards; an upgrade is recommended within the next 12 months.

  • Structural: Overall structure is sound, but minor cracks in the foundation were noted; monitoring recommended.

4. Correspondence regarding the Boundary Dispute

This includes a series of emails and letters between Elizabeth Carter and the neighbour, Mr. Derek Hughes, concerning a disputed boundary line affecting approximately 10 metres of the garden area. Mr. Hughes claims that a recent survey he commissioned shows the boundary line to be incorrectly marked on the existing deeds, suggesting that part of what is currently Elizabeth's garden belongs to him. Included are copies of the survey reports from both parties and a legal notice from Mr. Hughes’s solicitor demanding a resolution. Elizabeth had responded through her solicitor, expressing a willingness to negotiate a settlement without proceeding to court but maintained that historical usage supported her claim to the land.

Client information (provided to the client not the candidate) 

- In reality, this part will be conducted as an oral exam by the assessor. Here, we provide the details in writing for your convenience. The actual interview will last 25 minutes. You will need to use certain skills to engage in conversation with the client and note the key points. For your reference, these key points are provided directly here.

Client Information (Julia Morris)

Your name: Julia Morris

Your address: 152 Acacia Avenue, Bristol, BS6 7XX

Tel: 07824 112233


Date of birth: 3 March 1980

Age: 44

About you:

You are a primary school teacher who has recently inherited a property from your late aunt, Elizabeth Carter. You are unmarried and have no prior experience in managing or owning rental properties. You are known among friends and colleagues for your meticulous attention to detail and your methodical approach to new challenges.

You are proactive and have taken the initiative to understand some basic aspects of property law and landlord responsibilities through online research. However, you seek professional advice to ensure compliance with all legal requirements and to make informed decisions about property management.

You have always been close to your aunt, and while you are grieving, you are determined to manage her property responsibly, as she would have wanted. Your main concerns are the legal responsibilities as a landlord, understanding the financial implications of owning a rental property, and resolving any existing disputes amicably and legally.

Elizabeth Carter

Your aunt, Elizabeth Carter, passed away on 15 June 2024 at the age of 72. She was a retired librarian and had owned the property at 152 Acacia Avenue for over 40 years. The property was always intended to be passed down to you, and she had made this clear in her will, which was last updated five years ago.

Elizabeth was a diligent homeowner, maintaining detailed records of all repairs and tenant agreements. She had a good relationship with her tenants and neighbours, though recent disputes over boundary lines began to cause her stress in her final months.

The property:

  • Type: Residential, two-storey house

  • Location: 152 Acacia Avenue, Bristol, BS6 7XX

  • Tenants: Currently leased to a family of four; the lease agreement was renewed in March 2024 for another two years.

  • Condition: Generally in good condition, although the recent inspection highlighted some issues with the roof and plumbing that need addressing.

  • Boundary dispute: The dispute involves a small strip of land between this property and the neighbouring property to the right, as you face the house. The dispute has been ongoing for the past year, and documentation regarding this matter is attached.

Additional information:

  • Assets: Apart from the property, Elizabeth left you a modest portfolio of stocks and shares, which are managed by a separate financial advisor.

  • Other: You have no dependents and live a relatively simple lifestyle, focusing on your career and now, managing this new responsibility.

Your Answer

25 April 2024

Subject: Overview of Your Upcoming Consultation Regarding Property Inheritance

From: Candidate
To: Julia Morris
Date: 25th April

Dear Julia,

I hope this message finds you well. Thank you for providing the documents regarding the property you recently inherited from your aunt, Elizabeth Carter. I have reviewed the information ahead of our meeting today and would like to outline some key areas we will discuss:

1. Landlord Responsibilities and RightsWe will go through your roles and responsibilities as a new landlord, especially concerning the ongoing tenancy agreement. It's important to understand both your obligations regarding property maintenance and your rights in managing tenant relations.

2. Property Maintenance and RepairsThe recent inspection report has highlighted several urgent repairs, including issues with the roof, plumbing, and electrical systems. We'll discuss setting a reasonable timeline and budget for these repairs to ensure the property remains habitable and compliant with safety regulations.

3. Tax Implications of Inheriting PropertyInheriting property can have significant tax implications, including potential liability for inheritance tax and income tax on rental earnings. We'll explore these aspects to help you plan effectively for your financial future.

4. Boundary DisputeWe will also address the boundary dispute mentioned in your correspondence with your neighbor. I'll provide legal insight into your options for resolution, potentially through negotiation or mediation, to avoid costly litigation.

5. Additional ConsiderationsLastly, I will offer guidance on maintaining proper records and possibly engaging a property management company if you find the administrative responsibilities challenging.

Preparation for Our MeetingPlease think about any specific questions you might have or any additional information you believe might be relevant to our discussion. This will help us ensure that we cover all your concerns comprehensively.

Thank you once again for choosing our firm to assist you during this important transition. I look forward to our meeting later today and am committed to providing you with practical and understandable legal advice.

Warm regards,



Great effort in outlining the key areas to be discussed during the consultation with Julia. Your email effectively covers important topics such as landlord responsibilities, property maintenance, tax implications, boundary disputes, and additional considerations.

To enhance your response, consider incorporating specific legal advice tailored to Julia's situation. For instance, you could mention the legal obligations under tenancy agreements, the importance of keeping detailed records for tax purposes, and the potential costs and benefits of mediation in resolving boundary disputes. Furthermore, highlighting the significance of seeking professional advice early on to navigate legal complexities would be beneficial.

In future communications, aim to provide more detailed and precise legal guidance based on English property law and tax regulations. By grounding your recommendations in legal principles and practical considerations, you can better assist clients like Julia in understanding and addressing their legal issues effectively. Keep up the good work and continue to deepen your understanding of legal concepts to offer comprehensive advice.

Reference Answer

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Sample Attendance Note/Legal Analysis

Client: Julia Morris

Address: 152 Acacia Avenue, Bristol, BS6 7XX

Tel: 07824 112233


Meeting Date: 10 September 2024

Summary of Client's Concerns:

  • Responsibilities and rights as a new landlord.

  • Legal implications of property maintenance and necessary repairs.

  • Tax implications of inheriting property.

  • Resolution of an ongoing boundary dispute.

Legal Advice Provided:

1. Landlord Responsibilities and Rights:

  • Julia has inherited not only the property but also the existing tenancy agreement, which she is legally bound to honour until its expiration (February 2026).

  • Advised on her responsibilities regarding property maintenance and repairs that are significant (roof and plumbing), which under the tenancy agreement are her responsibility as these are not minor repairs.

  • She has the right to receive rent on time and to access the property for inspections, provided that tenants are given reasonable notice, typically 24 to 48 hours.

2. Property Maintenance and Repairs:

  • Emphasized the importance of addressing the urgent repair needs identified in the property inspection report to avoid further damage and potential liability issues.

  • Recommended obtaining quotes from at least three contractors for the roof and plumbing repairs to ensure competitive pricing and quality work.

  • Discussed setting aside a contingency fund for unexpected repairs and maintenance issues.

3. Tax Implications:

  • Informed Julia about potential inheritance tax implications; however, as the property and other assets fall below the current threshold, no inheritance tax is due.

  • Discussed potential income tax on rental income and advised her to keep detailed records of all expenses related to the property as these can be deducted from the rental income for tax purposes.

4. Boundary Dispute:

  • Reviewed the correspondence and the survey reports from both parties.

  • Advised that resolving this dispute amicably through mediation would be preferable and more cost-effective than court proceedings.

  • Recommended engaging a surveyor to conduct a new, independent survey as a basis for negotiations.

  • If negotiations fail, prepared her for the possibility of legal action to assert her rights, ensuring she is aware of the potential costs and timeline involved.

Next Steps:

  • Julia to contact three contractors and obtain quotes for the necessary repairs.

  • Schedule an appointment with a surveyor for an independent evaluation of the boundary.

  • Arrange a meeting with the neighbour to discuss the boundary dispute, accompanied by her legal counsel.

  • Set up a system for tracking rental income and expenses, and consult with an accountant regarding tax obligations.

Key Facts Noted:

  • Julia is a new landlord with no prior experience in property management.

  • The property requires significant repairs that could impact her responsibilities as a landlord.

  • The boundary dispute has legal implications that may require resolution through negotiation or litigation.

Professional Conduct Issues:

  • Ensured all advice provided was clear and understandable to Julia, considering her lack of experience in property management.

  • Maintained a professional demeanor, respecting Julia’s emotional state due to the recent loss of her aunt.

Advised Julia on the immediate legal steps required to manage her new responsibilities effectively, with a focus on legal compliance and minimizing potential disputes. Emphasized the importance of professional advice in managing her inherited property to ensure it remains a valuable asset.

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