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Lisa is investigating the title to a property she wishes to purchase from Mark. The seller acquired the property eight years ago, and the deeds pack contains the conveyance to the seller and a legal mortgage granted at the time. No other deeds are available as they have been lost. How should Lisa's solicitor advise her?

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Mark has not deduced his title to the land because he has not supplied a good root of title. A good root of title must show at least 15 years' undisputed ownership of the land, and Mark has only owned the land for the past eight years. The absence of earlier documentation means that there is no evidence of prior encumbrances that might affect the land, and therefore the title cannot be considered satisfactorily deduced. 

Key Point: To deduce title to unregistered land, a good root of title showing at least 15 years' undisputed ownership must be produced. The absence of such documentation means the title has not been satisfactorily deduced.

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