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Emily Saunders, a concerned citizen, has noticed that the government has been quite overbearing in its approach during the passage of several recent bills. She wants to understand to whom the government is ultimately accountable and what can be done about her concerns. 

What advice should she be given?

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The government is primarily answerable to the House of Commons. This is because the House of Commons represents the elected representatives of the public, making it the primary body to which the government must justify its actions. While the House of Lords can question the government and the monarch has ceremonial roles, it is the House of Commons that holds the power to challenge and, if necessary, remove the government through mechanisms such as votes of no confidence. 

Key Point: Accountability to the House of Commons is a fundamental aspect of the UK’s constitutional framework, ensuring that the executive branch of government remains answerable to the elected legislature, thereby upholding democratic principles and preventing abuse of power.

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