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Mr. Parker, a solicitor, is handling a negligence case for his client, Mr. White. At the outset, Mr. Parker provided a written estimate of likely total costs amounting to £15,000, which included counsel’s fees and other disbursements. A few weeks into the case, Mr. Parker decides that expert evidence is also necessary, and this will cost an additional £3,000.

Which of the following best explains what Mr. Parker should do next?

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Mr. Parker should write to Mr. White to inform him about the cost of the expert and ask for his instructions because the original estimate is no longer accurate. According to the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) Code of Conduct, solicitors must ensure clients are kept informed about any changes in costs and obtain prior approval for any significant additional expenses. The initial estimate was £15,000, but with the need for expert evidence costing an additional £3,000, the total cost would significantly increase. Informing the client and seeking instructions ensures transparency and maintains trust. 

Key Point: The SRA Code of Conduct requires solicitors to provide clients with accurate cost estimates and keep them informed about any changes. This includes seeking prior approval for significant additional expenses to ensure clients can make informed decisions about their legal matters.

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