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The National Angling Committee (NAC) was established by statute to determine whether fishing is permissible or prohibited in all lakes and watercourses and to regulate such use when permitted. The NAC has a committee of seven members, all selected by the Secretary of State for the Environment. The committee members have authorised their Manager for the Northern Regions to make decisions for the Yorkshire region, citing administrative convenience. 

Please identify which principle of judicial review is raised by the NAC's decision:

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The scenario involves the unlawful delegation of decision-making authority. The committee members have delegated their statutory powers to the Manager for the Northern Regions without legal justification. Delegation of power must be explicitly authorised by the statute or fall within established legal principles. In this case, the delegation was made for administrative convenience, which is not a sufficient legal basis. 

Key Point: Unlawful delegation in judicial review addresses situations where a public authority delegates its decision-making powers without proper legal authority. This principle ensures that statutory powers are exercised by the designated authorities and not improperly transferred to others.

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