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In the bustling heart of London, a highly controversial bill is being debated in Parliament. Mrs. Jane Smith, a prominent activist, has spearheaded a public campaign exerting significant pressure at every legislative stage to prevent the bill from becoming law. 

Which of the following statements most accurately reflects the situation concerning this proposed Act?

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The monarch retains the formal power to withhold Royal Assent, thereby preventing a bill from becoming law. However, this power is largely ceremonial in modern times, and the withholding of Royal Assent has not occurred since the early 18th century. While public pressure may influence parliamentary debate and decision-making, it cannot ultimately prevent an act from becoming law once it has passed through both Houses of Parliament and received Royal Assent. 

Key Point: Royal Assent is the final step in the legislative process for a bill to become law in the UK. Although the monarch has the theoretical power to withhold assent, it is a constitutional convention that Royal Assent is granted, reflecting the democratic will of Parliament. This highlights the ceremonial role of the monarchy in the UK's constitutional framework.

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