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You represent a company claiming £26,000 in a contract dispute. Both parties estimate that the trial will take only four hours to be heard because the issue in the case is straightforward and there is no expert evidence. 

Which of the following best describes which track the court will allocate for this case?

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The general rule is that claims worth more than £25,000 are allocated to the multi-track. However, under CPR 28, both parties can elect the fast-track, and the court can agree with this allocation if the case is straightforward and unlikely to last more than a day. Although options B, C, and D suggest factors that support fast-track allocation, the court cannot order a fast-track trial unless both parties agree. Therefore, option A is the most accurate answer. 

Key Point: The allocation of a case to the fast-track requires agreement from both parties, even if the claim is worth more than £25,000, provided the case is straightforward and the trial is expected to last less than a day.

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