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While carrying out incidental and complementary Part XX activities, you make unsolicited financial promotions during a telephone conversation with a client. You then send out financial promotions, limited in content, by email. Later, you suggest to the client that they may be interested in an introduction to an ATP. Finally, you call to introduce the client to the ATP. 

Which of the following best describes whether the restrictions on financial promotions will apply?

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All the options (A-D) reflect specific exemptions under the Financial Promotions Order. Financial promotions are exempted under the Financial Promotions Order where firms carrying out Part XX incidental and complementary activities make solicited or unsolicited real-time promotions (e.g., during a telephone conversation), non-real time financial promotions (e.g., email) limited in content, one-off financial promotions, and communications made for the purpose of introducing a client to an ATP. 

Key Point: This question tests knowledge of the exemptions to financial promotion restrictions under the Financial Promotions Order and their application to real-time and non-real-time communications.

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