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George, a defendant, has been served with a claim form and particulars of claim for an unspecified amount by a claimant named Lisa. George wishes to admit liability and completes the relevant admission form. He also wants to make an offer of settlement to Lisa to prevent the case from proceeding further. Which of the following best represents how the court will deal with the situation?

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Upon receiving an admission to an unspecified claim, the court will stay (pause) the proceedings and send the offer to the claimant in the form of a notice for their consideration. If Lisa accepts the offer, the court will make a judgment in that amount. The court does not decide on the settlement amount unless Lisa rejects the offer and requests the court to determine the amount, making Options B and E incorrect. Option A is incorrect as the court will not set the matter down for a disposal hearing upon receiving a settlement offer for an unspecified claim. Option D is incorrect because the proceedings will be stayed, not left ongoing. 

Key Point: In cases of unspecified claims with admissions of liability, the court stays proceedings and sends the settlement offer to the claimant for consideration. Acceptance of the offer leads to a court judgment in that amount.

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