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You act on behalf of Redstone Ltd, a private company limited by shares. The company has two directors, both of whom are shareholders. The directors have decided to employ Lisa Morgan as a Finance Director. Lisa has been asked to provide her personal address so that her appointment can be recorded at Companies House. She has refused to do so, claiming that disclosing her personal address is a breach of her right to privacy. The director-shareholders are unsure how to proceed. 

Which of the following best describes the advice you will give?

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Under the Companies Act 2006, every director must provide Companies House with both their usual residential address and a service address. The residential address is protected information and will not appear on the public record, ensuring the director's privacy. The service address will be available to the public. A director may choose to use their residential address as their service address, but the residential address itself will still be protected. Therefore, Lisa Morgan must provide her personal residential address, but it does not need to be publicly disclosed. 

Key Point: Directors must provide their usual residential address to Companies House, but this information is kept confidential and not included on the public record. The service address, which may be different, will be publicly accessible.

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