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Embark on your journey to qualify as a solicitor in the UK with our "Comprehensive SQE Fast Track Programme," meticulously designed for qualified foreign lawyers. At an exceptional price of £2,520—representing a substantial saving from the combined value of £3,550—this package provides a full suite of training and services tailored to ensure your successful navigation through the SQE pathway.


What’s Included in Your Package:

  • SQE1 Accelerated Training (£1,750 Value) - Choose your exam session within one year and start your SQE1 preparation with our intensive course designed to cover all the necessary legal knowledge comprehensively. For more details on the course content, click here.

  • SQE2 Exemption Assistance (£850 Value) - Benefit from our expert support in applying for an SQE2 exemption. If successful, you’ll only need to pass the SQE1 exam to qualify as a solicitor. Click here to view the details.

  • SQE2 Training Course (£1,450 Value) - Should your exemption application be unsuccessful, don’t worry. We offer you a free SQE2 training course to ensure you are fully prepared to pass the SQE2 exam. Click here to view the details.


Join our "Comprehensive SQE Fast Track Programme" and receive the great quality training and hassle-free exam preparation. Take this opportunity to accelerate your career as a solicitor in England and Wales!


Contact us now to discuss further and seize this rare opportunity:

Comprehensive SQE Fast Track Programme for Foreign Lawyers

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