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Join our Complete SQE Programme - All-Inclusive SQE Legal Pathway, meticulously crafted to kickstart and support your legal career in England and Wales. This comprehensive package is designed to provide a seamless transition from basic to professional levels, ensuring thorough preparation for your SQE examinations.


Our Complete Programme includes:

  • Long-term Training Course for SQE1: Valued at £3,720. Covers all essential aspects of the SQE1 examination, with an opportunity for one free retake to ensure your success. Click here to view the details.

  • SQE2 Exemption Services: Valued at £850. We assist you in applying for an SQE2 exemption, streamlining your qualification process. Click here to view the details.


Additional Benefits:

  • Free SQE2 Preparation Course upon passing SQE1: Valued at £1,450. Gain access to our SQE2 training at no extra cost once you pass the initial examination. Click here to view the details.
  • Unlimited access to our Premium Question Bank during the course: Valued at £575 per month, you will have unlimited access to our extensive question bank to deepen your practice. Click here to view the details.
  • Opportunity to secure a QWE Offer from local law firms in the UK for 4 to 6 months: Valued at ♾️, priceless. Enhance your practical experience with valuable internship opportunities at prestigious law firms.


Take action now to launch your legal career in England and Wales!

For more details and to register, please contact us at!

All-Inclusive SQE Legal Pathway

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