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An Overview of LEC Exam

The LEC exam enables candidates to enhance their legal English proficiency, facilitating success in the Bar Exam.

About LEC exam

The LEC exam is a standardized test that measures a candidate's proficiency in legal English. It is intended for individuals who aspire to work in the legal field or pursue legal studies in an English-speaking environment. The exam assesses the candidate's ability to comprehend and use legal English in various contexts, including fundamental legal principles and concepts of common law, logical reasoning, case analysis, legal translation, and legal writing.


The LEC exam is typically administered by the National Legal English Certificate Examination Advisory Committee in China University of Political Science and Law, and it is recognized by many universities and law firms in China as a valuable qualification for those who wish to work in the legal profession. Passing the LEC exam can be a valuable asset for those who wish to work in international law or for multinational corporations that operate in English-speaking countries. It demonstrates a strong command of legal English, which is essential for effective communication in the global legal community.

Components of LEC Exam

The LEC exam is divided into two parts, each with a time limit of three hours, making the total time allowed for the exam six hours. Part One is an objective test that evaluates a candidate’s understanding of American fundamental legal principles and common law concepts in various areas such as American constitutional law, contracts, torts, criminal law and procedure, evidence, property law, etc. Part Two includes three sections: case reading, legal translation and legal writing. These sections test a candidate's ability to summarize a legal case, understand legal systems and concepts in both the source and target languages, and apply legal principles to fact patterns in a series of essay questions.


To pass the LEC exam, candidates must obtain a minimum score of 130 out of a total of 200 points. It is important to note that a minimum score of 60 points on each part is required to pass. Candidates who score 170 or above will be awarded "passing with honor," but to receive this distinction, a minimum of 80 points is required on each part.

Dates of LEC Exam

The LEC exam is offered biannually, on the last Saturdays of May and November. The exam is administered in over twenty cities across China. There are no age, degree, or professional requirements for taking the exam, but identification is required during registration.


The LEC testing program adheres to current international legal practice standards and provides assurance and readiness for individuals intending to pursue legal studies or employment abroad.

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