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  • What are the unique features of the Comprehensive (Long-term) Course?
    Enrolling in the Comprehensive (Long-term) Course offers several distinctive advantages. One notable feature is the opportunity for a free re-learning session, which allows students to extend their study period until the next examination. In addition, students will have access to complimentary training on the foundational subjects of SQE2. This is awarded as a reward for passing the SQE1 examination. Should you enroll in the Comprehensive (Long-term) Course and successfully pass the SQE1 exam, you may contact us to activate the SQE2 course. For information on the SQE2 course content, please visit: Therefore, although the Full Course itself does not include SQE2, it essentially offers training content for both SQE1 and SQE2, making it an excellent choice for those considering a comprehensive examination plan.
  • What is QWE Offer?
    Regarding the QWE Offer, if you enrol in the long-term program and pass SQE1, you can receive an internship offer from our partner law firms. This can be counted towards your Qualifying Work Experience (QWE), which will be beneficial to your career path.
  • How do I begin my studies?
    The steps to start your studies are as follows: Complete the payment of tuition fees. We will activate your learning access on both the APP and PC. Our instructors will contact you to understand your needs and customise a 1-on-1 learning plan for you. Follow our arranged schedule to commence your studies!
  • What are the costs for different course types?
    The fees vary depending on the course type. For the Full Course (Long-Term Class), the cost is £3720. For the Short-Term Class, the fee is £1750. You can purchase the courses through the following links: Short-Term Long-Term
  • What does the course include?
    Both the Short-Term and Full Course offerings comprise a combination of live and recorded lectures. The live sessions are dedicated to answering questions, and the course materials include both ebooks and physical books. There's also a complementary learning app available for both mobile and PC, providing full access to 1-on-1 tutoring throughout the study period. Additionally, students can freely use our SQE1 question bank, which currently contains over 4000 high-quality multiple-choice questions for practice. During the entire learning period, the use of our smart practice system for mock exams and other practices is also included, significantly aiding in the preparation for the SQE1 examination.
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